What Others Have to Say

Singing your own praises ain’t fun, so here are a few things those who’ve worked with me have to say instead. Want to check that these recommendations are legit? Head over to my LinkedIn profile and see for yourself.

“Sara is a very talented copywriter, who excels at telling compelling narratives via multiple platforms & formats. I believe this is because her method is both creative and strategic, which yields content that is far more nuanced and strategic than her peers. As a data expert, I have seen firsthand how poorly optimized content can underdeliver, especially compared alongside thought-provoking and properly nuanced copy like Sara’s. Sara also happens to be a talented, easy-going, and generally funny team member, and I look forward to a chance for us to work together again.”

– Vivek Menon, Strategist

“I worked with Sara at Mirum (formerly known as Twist Image) and I can say she’s one of the best copywriters I’ve ever collaborated with. She is quick, smart and detail-oriented. She puts in great effort to understand each task in hand and asks all the necessary questions to get the job done exceptionally. Sara is a great communicator and listener. In the short time I’ve worked with her she’s shown leadership skills, maturity and dedication. I would be honoured to work with her again!”

Jessica Lock, Senior Art Director

“I had the pleasure of working in a creative group supervised by Sara Abuzinadah at Mirum Agency and she was an outstanding team leader. Her copy editing and writing skills were excellent, always providing suggestions that improved the clarity and simplicity of the work. She showed great maturity and organizational skills, putting the needs and questions of her team ahead of the work she was accountable for herself and her leadership skills enabled us to complete a long, difficult assignment on time and at a level of quality that was greatly appreciated by our client. In all respects, Sara is a true professional.”

– Bill Parker, Copywriter / Freelance Creative Director

“Sara is an excellent manager as well as accomplished copywriter. She gives clear direction, making sure her team understands their mission. Sara is always available to answer questions, and takes the time to train staff on new protocols, regardless of her own busy schedule. She sets realistic deadlines and supports her team in meeting those targets. She ensures all team work meets the high standards she sets for each project.

It is a pleasure to work with someone as professional as Sara. She is cordial, confident, and knowledgable. While her warm demeanour makes for an inclusive and comfortable work environment, her focus is always on producing great work in a timely manner.”

– Theresa Lemieux, Copywriter

“Sara is the roll up her sleeves and get it done kind of woman. She isn’t afraid of a challenge and continually takes on projects that are more and more complex.
Sara’s ideas and writing is smart, engaging and based on her enormous amount of knowledge about history, pop culture and the world. I would call Sara an “Undercover Project Manager”, she has superior organization and attention to detail and stays on top of projects better then any writer I know.

Not only is Sara an amazing contributor to client’s creative, she spends time building working relationships that move outside of work. Sara is her friends biggest supporter, protector and a genuinely kind person. I can’t wait for another opportunity to work with Sara!”

– Carleigh Sisson, Account Supervisor

“Sara’s leadership on a recent project was absolutely inspiring. As well as being a very talented writer, she tackled the huge challenge of bringing her team of three diverse writers up to speed on an incredibly complex task in a very short time. Sara handled every request graciously and capably with charm, patience and encouragement. These abilities aren’t just impressive; they motivate great results. Clearly, she’s one to watch.”

– Sheila Mudrick, Senior Writer